Have you ever thought of starting a business such as tow truck or any other, and wondered how you would find your target audience? At the basic level, a target audience is a group of consumers characterized by behavior and specific demographics. Target audience forms a pillar of most businesses and influences the decision that marketers make. They have a huge say on where to spend money on ads, how to appeal to customers, and even what type of products to sell.

Target audiences are used to define the buyer persona of any business. Buyer personas represent the overview of a business’s ideal customer. They are drawn from data that makes up a target audience. Some of the most common demographics used to shape the target audience include aspects such as location, age, gender, employment, and income.

Having this information is very useful in understanding how customers make purchasing decisions. Targeting a specific audience also helps your campaign reach the right people. Here’s how to find your target audience.


Use Google Analytics

You can use Google Analytics to learn more about your customers. Google Analytics provides an expansive tool for obtaining demographic details about your audience as well as their interests. From Google analytics, you will be able to see website insights that are broken down into different sections such as age, gender, and location. These details are clearly labeled on the dashboard and can provide colorful graphs for your interpretation.


Create a reader persona to target blog content

When you create reader personas, you will never forget who you are writing for. The good thing about doing so is that you closely align them to your buyer persona, which makes it nearly identical. Your blog should only contain content that is useful for your readers and if you can achieve that, it will build the reputation of your company to consumers. The key difference between a reader persona and a buyer persona is that a reader persona will mostly focus on the challenges your personas might face.


Look at social media analytics

When are your followers most engaged with social media channels? Is it when you post a funny meme on Instagram or when you put up a poll on Twitter? You need to take a look at key questions about your audience to get clues of what your audience is most interested in. Every social media channel is different and attracts a different audience. You must look at analytics across all platforms to help you make better decisions.


Use Facebook Insights

If you have a Facebook page, making use of the insights section will provide you with invaluable information. Facebook gives every page a huge set of insights which are all free. These insights are very important and work similarly to Google Analytics. Using them, you will receive the critical information you need to create your target audience. If you can access the People tab on your insights dashboard, you will get valuable information on who and where your visitors are, as well as other valuable information.