Best Ways to Boost Your Customer Retention Rate

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When it comes to business growth, you might think that acquiring new customers for parking management business is the key to success. Although obtaining new customers is great, setting out to acquire them to grow your business is not always the most effective way to go about it. The process of identifying, qualifying, and nurturing leads with the hope of converting them into paying customers requires some level of significant resources.

Rather than just focusing on the acquisition part of new customers to hit your growth goals, you can invest your time in retaining high-value ones with low-cost efforts. Here are some sure ways to boost your customer retention rate.

Adjust your pricing for returning customers

You can adjust your pricing in a way that makes it easy for your current customers to return and conduct more business with you. You may decide to offer customers discounts via emails on their next purchase. Additionally, you can offer free shipping and returns as well as additional price-related perks for frequent shoppers.

Implement cross-selling and upselling strategies

Ensure every customer checks out something extra in their cart with the use of cross-selling and upselling strategies throughout your website and all other forms of communication. Upselling to shoppers in a physical store is easy. All you have to do is to place related products next to each other and use merchandising techniques to draw attention and drive impulse purchases. When doing it online, a good strategy is to look for patterns throughout your sales data and ask if there are two or more items that customers buy together. Understand which of the items complement each other naturally and are even more useful when paired.

Create personal loyalty programs

You need to implement a program to rewards your most loyal customers is an easy way to build on your existing relationships and offer regular incentives for them to return to your business. You might email your top 10 percent customers for a special offer each month. You can test which of these offers resonate with their needs. Rewards you give can range from a simple thank you note to free shipping. Additionally, you can expand your loyalty program by adding a points system, which will allow your customers to earn points for actions such as sharing your content on social media.

Personalize your buyer journey

Another way to recognize your shoppers is by personalizing their experience. Doing so would make their lives easier and make them feel very much valued. You can encourage your visitors to sign up and collect as much relevant information as possible. You can collect their names, email addresses, birthdays among other stuff, along with anything you think will add a difference to improve their experience. Next time they will be returning to your site, you can automatically display their correct shipping details based on the contact information you earlier collected. Additionally, you can offer a subscription plan to cater to their desire for convenience and flexibility.

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How to Find Your Target Audience

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Have you ever thought of starting a business such as tow truck or any other, and wondered how you would find your target audience? At the basic level, a target audience is a group of consumers characterized by behavior and specific demographics. Target audience forms a pillar of most businesses and influences the decision that marketers make. They have a huge say on where to spend money on ads, how to appeal to customers, and even what type of products to sell.

Target audiences are used to define the buyer persona of any business. Buyer personas represent the overview of a business’s ideal customer. They are drawn from data that makes up a target audience. Some of the most common demographics used to shape the target audience include aspects such as location, age, gender, employment, and income.

Having this information is very useful in understanding how customers make purchasing decisions. Targeting a specific audience also helps your campaign reach the right people. Here’s how to find your target audience.


Use Google Analytics

You can use Google Analytics to learn more about your customers. Google Analytics provides an expansive tool for obtaining demographic details about your audience as well as their interests. From Google analytics, you will be able to see website insights that are broken down into different sections such as age, gender, and location. These details are clearly labeled on the dashboard and can provide colorful graphs for your interpretation.


Create a reader persona to target blog content

When you create reader personas, you will never forget who you are writing for. The good thing about doing so is that you closely align them to your buyer persona, which makes it nearly identical. Your blog should only contain content that is useful for your readers and if you can achieve that, it will build the reputation of your company to consumers. The key difference between a reader persona and a buyer persona is that a reader persona will mostly focus on the challenges your personas might face.


Look at social media analytics

When are your followers most engaged with social media channels? Is it when you post a funny meme on Instagram or when you put up a poll on Twitter? You need to take a look at key questions about your audience to get clues of what your audience is most interested in. Every social media channel is different and attracts a different audience. You must look at analytics across all platforms to help you make better decisions.


Use Facebook Insights

If you have a Facebook page, making use of the insights section will provide you with invaluable information. Facebook gives every page a huge set of insights which are all free. These insights are very important and work similarly to Google Analytics. Using them, you will receive the critical information you need to create your target audience. If you can access the People tab on your insights dashboard, you will get valuable information on who and where your visitors are, as well as other valuable information.





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Top Activities to Do In New Zealand for Adrenaline Junkies 

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Whitewater raftingPeoples’ ideas on what constitutes to a perfect trip range extensively from one person to the other. Some of us would want to lie by the poolside or beaches enjoying the cool breeze, while others would pass this opportunity and opt to go high up the mountains for an adventure. Personally, I would prefer dune bash safaris in Dubai. Even if my self-drive 4WD get stuck, I can call a towing service to pull me over.

We all need something to get our adrenaline highly pumping through our veins. Something exciting enough to make us feel alive again. If you’re a real adrenaline junkie, one place you should consider giving a priority is New Zealand. New Zealand has a lot to offer to make it such a perfect place for outdoor pursuits. The good thing about New Zealand is the range of adrenaline pumping activities you can do. You are sure to find something that excites you and pushes your limits.

Here is a rundown of the best adventure activities you can do on your visit to New Zealand.


Whitewater rafting

A visit to New Zealand exposes you to fast flowing rivers that make it so ideal for white water rafting. The Kaitiaki Adventures found near river Rotorua make a perfect roller coaster ride for daredevils. You can approach fast moving rapids while standing up on a raft or by just spinning around in circles. You can make your raft a full adventure by making it top to the highest commercially raftable waterfall that stands at a full seven-meter drop.



sky divingWhat’s a better way to explore New Zealand that by skydiving?  If you have included skydive in your bucket list, then it’s the right time to head to New Zealand. The most frequented places for skydiving include Queenstown, Wanaka and Franz Josef, which offers some of the most spectacular views. You can link up with Skydive Wanaka who take care of tourists to ensure the highest levels of assistance and safety.



It’s interesting how New Zealand consists of some of the most spectacular and magical sights underground. One of such places to visit is glow worms caves of Waitomo. It can never get more magical than this as you can take a relaxing boat ride through vast underground channels and tunnels which have thousands of glimmering larvae. You can mix your caving with abseiling and cave escapades.

Shark Diving

What’s a better way to stimulate your adrenaline than dicing with the sharks? New Zealand offers visitors a rare opportunity to get up close with sharks. One of the ways to explore shark diving is through cage diving with these cages offering such an incredible experience. You can link up with Shark Dive Xtreme located in Auckland who can offer you basic lessons on swimming with the sharks.

Besides these mentioned activities, New Zealand offers you much more. You can go canyoning, ice hiking, sledging or bungy jumping. On the South Island of New Zealand, there sits Queensland which forms the home of Kawarau Bride which is very famous for bungy jumping.



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Best Party Cities in the World

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Las VegasHave you thought of a place where you can have the best night in the world? Some of us love to party, whether at home or on vacation, and the world has fantastic spots to accommodate all party goers. Whether you want to arrive at these destinations in exclusive  platinum access limos or a party bus, the choice is yours. It doesn’t matter if you are reserved or wild crazy, we have compiled an ultimate list for everyone looking to get loose and get wild.

Here we look at the craziest party hotspots in the world.


Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

At Rio De Janeiro, you can party literally anywhere. Here, you party on the beach day and night. In these sprawling beaches, there are beautiful women and parties run 24/7. Locals and other international visitors coming to this place live life to their fullest. When you visit this marvelous city, your memories will remain fresh due to unique experiences. When the sun sets, waterfronts come to life with disco clubs and samba beats lighting your experiences until wee hours.


Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is the world’s capital, and there is no doubt about that. Ibiza is also home to Privilege, the largest club in the world making this capital to be a legendary party epicenter. Most clubs will stay open up to 8 in the morning. Seasoned clubbers at Ibiza usually wake up at noon and take some early evening naps to prepare for a long night ahead. If you are planning to visit Ibiza, you will need sufficient daytime rest to be prepared for a long night ahead.


Las Vegas, USA

Commonly known as the sin city, Las Vegas has the ultimate party experience. At the sin city, there is no time to gamble with your vacation time. In this city, you will find uncompromising party life and ultimately vibrant nightlife. While in Las Vegas, the possibilities are limitless and fit visitors of all desires and needs. Whether you want to stack chips at a casino, throw dice and club on strip clubs, anything you can imagine is present here.




Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam is well known as the city with 24-hour parties. Most of the dance clubs are located in Rembrandtplein, the country’s famous party district. In this party district, you will find people from all walks of life ready to get down. There are flamboyant drag queens, tourists and high-end socialites all looking to have some crazy night out. In the party district, some clubs go as late as noon.








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Top Places to Visit in South America

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South AmericaSouth America is a beguiling continent made up of 12 countries. Each of these has their unique culture, quirks, landscapes, and history. South America is a continent with something to suit every visitor. Whether you are looking forward to enjoying the best of wildlife, or you want to trek the jungles and climb the vast mountainous terrain or have a peaceful relaxation at the beaches, South America has everything for you.

Are you heading to South America for the first time and you would not want to miss on the best places to visit? If yes, stick to this post we unveil some of the most beautiful places you should not miss.


Las Lajas Sanctuary, Colombia

Found in southern Colombia and near the border with Ecuador, Las Lajas Sanctuary is a place of worship. Pilgrimage here has become one of the major attractions in the entire region. This sanctuary is a place of extreme beauty due to its amazingly detailed construction and astonishing natural surroundings. You can find this sanctuary at the Canyon of Guaitara River. Waterfalls surround the sanctuary with a beautiful Gothic-style basilica which is about 165 feet high.


Tayrona National Park, Colombia

Imagine being in a landscape of 30,000 acres of pristine greenery with hundreds of animal species and other natural attractions. That is what you will get when you visit Tayrona National Park in Colombia. The park is one of the most beautiful places in Colombia. It was turned into a protected park in 1969 and has fascinating archaeological sites that are considered sacred. There are several trail options that are surrounded by stunning landscapes which can be explored on foot and by horseback.


Isla del Sol, Bolivia

It is not by surprise that most travelers who dream of exploring the best of South Africa will want to visit Isla del Sol in Bolivia. This site is easily accessible from the city of Copacabana and covers an area of 5.5 square miles. It is, without a  doubt, one of the largest and most beautiful islands of Titicaca. Around this island, you can find many archeological sites such as Challapampa museum. Apart from these sacred places, the whole island has a breathtaking landscape.


Los Roques, Venezuela

Los Roques in Venezuela is the largest marine park in Latin America. The Archipelago has some of the most sought scenic landscapes that South America can produce. There is a set of 42 islands with about 250 coral reefs totaling to about 54,000 acres, enough area to spend your days exploring every corner of the archipelago.  The landscape features coral reefs that protect the archipelago from strong currents.


Cabo Polonio, Uruguay

The Cabo Polonio peninsula is located about 160 miles from the capital, Montevideo. Visitors consider this place to be a magical one. You can expect to find deserted beaches with huge white dunes that surround the city. You can find lots of sea lions lazing around the coastal islands. One of the things that make Cabo Polonio a great place is due to its small population composed of fishermen, artists, and employees of local lighthouse, meaning that a large number of tourists can be accommodated.

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What Makes France An Awesome Destination in the World

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FranceFrance remains to be the most popular destination in the world. It is a beautiful country that reigns supreme as a holiday destination. Despite many challenges of a terrorist attack, France has managed to stay top of the most visited destinations in the world. The country receives more than 82 million visitors annually due to its beautiful attractions, spectacular mountains, famous beaches and historical sites.

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