Small Size Integrated Power Inductor MWTC
The MWTC series of Sunlord integrated power inductors covers dimension from 201208 to 252010 and Inductance from 0.22uH to 2.2uH.It is suitable for the power supply of portable terminals such as mobile phone and earphone.
The appearance of integrated inductors is attributed to the development of computer motherboards and power supply technology. The main frequency and power consumption of the CPU are getting higher and higher, so there are high requirements for stable power supply and filtering. The integrated inductors solve this problem. When MWTC work under high current conditions in a long-term, it can provide stable power supply for the CPU. Of course, the main role of the inductor is to filtering. In this respect, the integrated inductor is not inferior. Good material characteristics and special design make the inductor structure more stable and lower impedance, so it has higher efficiency.
  • Metal material for large current and low loss  
  • Vinyl thermal spray, better surface compactness 
  • Closed magnetic circuit design reduces leakage magnetic interference
  • Halogen free, RoHS compliant
  • Smart phone and portable charger
  • AR、VR
  • Portable game machine, Smart wearable devices, Wi-Fi module
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