Small Size And Large Current Ferrite Bead PZ0603 Series
With 0603 (0.6mmx0.3mm) metric size, PZ0603 ferrite bead has a wide impedance range of 0 ~ 1000ohm (@ 100MHz) and operating temperature range of - 55 ℃ ~ + 125 ℃. Besides, this series ferrite beads has low DCR and large rated current, which are suitable for electronic equipment with high requirements on downsizing and strong noise suppression ability.
Portable devices such as smart watches, TWS earphones and mobile phones are gradually put forward higher requirements, such as multi functions and long battery life, which left less space for PCB, while the gap between electronic components on PCB is becoming smaller and smaller. Therefore, the size of electronic components should be small enough to meet the performance requirements. SUNLORD developed 0603 [(0.6mm x 0.3mm) metric] size ferrite bead with large current and wide impedance range to meet the EMC requirements of portable equipment. At the same time, the ferrite bead have anti-sulfur ability, especially suitable for the equipment in the harsh environment with high sulfur content.
  • Small size
  • High impedance
  • Low DCR and large current
  • Anti-sulfur
Noise suppression of power line or high-current signal line of wearable bracelets, watches, TWS headphones, mobile phones, tablet PC and other electronic devices.

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