Common Mode Choke for Vehicle Ethernet—AMCW-L
The AMCW-L series common mode choke have the characteristics of winding structure, small size. It has a good suppression effect of high frequency common mode noise, meets the AEC-Q200 certification and is applied in vehicle multimedia system, Ethernet and A2B.
With the development of automotive networking and intelligence, people have higher requirements for on-board information and entertainment system. The new demands have been placed on in-vehicle networks. The traditional vehicular network can’t meet the current requirements of scalability, high bandwidth and openness. With its excellent scalability and high data transmission rate, automotive Ethernet will become the mainstream of next-generation automotive networks.
Sunlord has launched a common mode choke, AMCW-L series products that can be applied to high-speed Ethernet interfaces.
  • Good common mode noise suppression capability,High EMC
  • Unique winding way to realize small size of products
  • Temperature range:-40~+125℃
  • High reliability,  AEC-Q200 certification
  • ehicle multimedia system,Ethernet,A2B
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