Automotive Coupled Inductor-ACPR Series
ACPR series of Sunlord automotive coupled inductor is a new product with high efficiency, high coupling, high rated current, low DCR and other characteristics, the product meets the AEC-Q200 certification, can be applied to SEPIC,Zeta, flyback and other topological circuit, and can be used as common mode, transformer.
Coupling is the phenomenon in which the input and output of two or more circuit components affect each other and energy is transferred from one end to the other. When a coil passes through an alternating current, an induced magnetic field is generated around the coil. If the two coils interact with each other, they are said to be magnetically coupled. Two or more coils with magnetic coupling are called coupling coils, that is, coupling inductor.
The common circuit topology of coupled inductor is SEPIC topology, SEPIC is Single Ended Primary Inductance Converter. The biggest advantage of the topology is that the input and output are homopolarity, which is suitable for battery-powered application scenarios, such as LED lighting, etc. In SEPIC circuits, coupling inductors are often used to realize circuit functions. Compared to two single inductors, coupled inductors reduce the number of components, improve integration, improve efficiency, and provide better characteristics of loop control and fewer EMI challenges.
  • High efficiency, high coupling
  • High rated current ,low DCR
  • RoHS compliant
  • High reliability and meet AEC-Q200

  • Mainly used in automotive SEPIC, Zeta, flyback topology circuit, LED lamp, power supply circuit, can be used as common mode and transformer

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