Wire Wound SMD Power Inductors for Automotive—AMWPB Series
The AMWPB series of power inductors are assembled magnetic shielded inductors developed by Sunlord using the accumulated manufacturing process experience and material technology, combined with the BASE card wire laser welding process. This series of products mainly have 6045 size and 7045 size, rich inductance value, and compared with traditional winding inductors, it has high reliability, can withstand harsh environment such as vehicles, and the product's operating temperature range reaches -55°C ~ + 150°C.
Power inductors act in power circuits such as DC-DC converters and have the ability to accumulate energy through self-inductance. In DC-DC converters, the voltage in the circuit is converted by cooperating with switching devices. With the development of automotive electronics, the demand for high-performance DC-DC converters continues to increase, and power inductors are important components that influence the performance of their DC-DC conversion modules.
Sunlord Automotive Electronics launched the AMWPB series of products, focusing on improving the electrical performance and reliability of the products, and realizing high-performance products for various in-vehicle applications such as in-vehicle infotainment systems, LED lights, and airbags.
  • High saturation current, low DC resistance
  • Excellent temperature stability 
  • Operating temperature:-55~+150°C
  • High reliability,AEC-Q200 verified
  • Infotainment system,ADAS
  • LED lighting,
  • Airbag,
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