FranceFrance remains to be the most popular destination in the world. It is a beautiful country that reigns supreme as a holiday destination. Despite many challenges of a terrorist attack, France has managed to stay top of the most visited destinations in the world. The country receives more than 82 million visitors annually due to its beautiful attractions, spectacular mountains, famous beaches and historical sites.

The City of Light

Paris can be said to be the best city in the world. This French capital is regarded as a city of light attracting more than 30 million visitors a year. The city has a stunning architecture including the iconic Eiffel Tower and the Louvre museum. For many years, European and US visitors have flocked this city and keep on coming back. Chinese visitors come to get a glimpse of the Champs Elysees and an array of boutiques.

Exclusive Beauty

city of lightThere are many beautiful things to see. France has many different kinds of landscape. During the different seasons in a year, the changing landscapes have a different charm. Arts are part of the French culture. Lots of museums are open to accommodate visitors of all walks of life. The country has beautiful villages giving visitors various options in choosing where to stay.

Strategic Location

As part of France’s appeal, it can be a sheer coincidence of geography that the country is strategically located. Holiday homemakers looking to escape their homelands have France as the ideal destination for their needs. Travelers from neighboring countries like France due to its appeal. Due to its position on the globe, many countries are forced to pass through France on their way to other destinations.

Food and Wine

France is inseparable from its famed traditions and the chance to dine in some of the finest restaurants. The country is known for protecting its status as the world’s food capital. It has a policy of encouraging homemade foods and discourages chefs from using frozen or ready-prepared ingredients. No proper France meal is complete without a few glasses of wine. Each year, millions of visitors tour the famed wine regions for tasting.

Regarding art, history, and culture, France is extremely proud of its rich history. From the French revolution to Napoleon and world wars, France has a lot to show in terms of history. There are famous battle sites and decorated landscapes. There is a total of 39 sites listed by UNESCO World Heritage site, making France a top destination.