dubaiDubai is a city that doesn’t shy from making ambitious plans. The city has pumped billions of dollars to positioning itself as a tourist magnet and business hub. It is a cosmopolitan city of diversity sitting at crossroads of the globe. The city has transformed itself into an amazing international metropolis. With its easy access, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and ultra-modern amenities, Dubai is the place to tour and do business. Here are compelling reasons on why you should visit Dubai this year.

Ease of Access

Dubai is centrally located making it one of the busiest travel destinations in the world. In 2016, Dubai International airport was ranked as the number one hub for international passengers after recording an annual traffic of more than 83.6 million passengers. The airport serves more than 90 airlines which fly to more than 240 destinations across six continents. Dubai’s second airport is in construction with the aim of making it the world’s biggest airport. It is expected to have a capacity of handling more than 200 million passengers each year.

Rich on Adventure and Experiences

hotelDubai is a city where business meets leisure. There are adrenaline-pumping desert safaris, Arabic culture, exhilarating water park drives, luxurious spa breaks, relaxing dhow cuisines, just a few. If you thought best limo Richmond has the best fleet of limos, wait until you experience what Dubai has to offer. The city is full of luxurious sports cars, yacht, and other billionaire toys. Above all, you get the chance to watch and take part in Formula One racing. Dubai offers its business guests an opportunity to incorporate team building experiences in their schedule.

Hotels for All Budgetary Classes

When you book your stay in Dubai, you are safe. The city has a broad range of budget, standard and premium hotels for people from all walks of life. There are close to 700 hotels, which combined offers more than 100,000 rooms. The end of 2018 expects an estimated total of 150,000 rooms. There are international food chains of all kinds to make your choice a harder one.

World Class Infrastructure

No one could imagine such a desert village could be a powerhouse it has become today. Dubai boasts of world-class infrastructure, excellent public transport and connectivity, well-maintained roads and global trade centers. There are a plethora of business event facilities for the convenience of everyone. Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center offers more than 120,000 square meters of exhibition and meeting space for all.

Abundance of Business Opportunities

Tourists flock Dubai to benefit from the tax-free advantage for various products. Due to the city’s ideal location, extensive business services, and excellent connectivity, it has become a center of commerce and trade for the entire region. The city attracts the most transparent business regulations from the government. There is access to experiences and skilled labor force with a rising per capita income. Besides the business opportunities, the city is a growing knowledge hub and a center of innovation. The city is safe and secure for all, making it a haven for investors.