Whitewater raftingPeoples’ ideas on what constitutes to a perfect trip range extensively from one person to the other. Some of us would want to lie by the poolside or beaches enjoying the cool breeze, while others would pass this opportunity and opt to go high up the mountains for an adventure. Personally, I would prefer dune bash safaris in Dubai. Even if my self-drive 4WD get stuck, I can call a towing service to pull me over.

We all need something to get our adrenaline highly pumping through our veins. Something exciting enough to make us feel alive again. If you’re a real adrenaline junkie, one place you should consider giving a priority is New Zealand. New Zealand has a lot to offer to make it such a perfect place for outdoor pursuits. The good thing about New Zealand is the range of adrenaline pumping activities you can do. You are sure to find something that excites you and pushes your limits.

Here is a rundown of the best adventure activities you can do on your visit to New Zealand.


Whitewater rafting

A visit to New Zealand exposes you to fast flowing rivers that make it so ideal for white water rafting. The Kaitiaki Adventures found near river Rotorua make a perfect roller coaster ride for daredevils. You can approach fast moving rapids while standing up on a raft or by just spinning around in circles. You can make your raft a full adventure by making it top to the highest commercially raftable waterfall that stands at a full seven-meter drop.



sky divingWhat’s a better way to explore New Zealand that by skydiving?  If you have included skydive in your bucket list, then it’s the right time to head to New Zealand. The most frequented places for skydiving include Queenstown, Wanaka and Franz Josef, which offers some of the most spectacular views. You can link up with Skydive Wanaka who take care of tourists to ensure the highest levels of assistance and safety.



It’s interesting how New Zealand consists of some of the most spectacular and magical sights underground. One of such places to visit is glow worms caves of Waitomo. It can never get more magical than this as you can take a relaxing boat ride through vast underground channels and tunnels which have thousands of glimmering larvae. You can mix your caving with abseiling and cave escapades.

Shark Diving

What’s a better way to stimulate your adrenaline than dicing with the sharks? New Zealand offers visitors a rare opportunity to get up close with sharks. One of the ways to explore shark diving is through cage diving with these cages offering such an incredible experience. You can link up with Shark Dive Xtreme located in Auckland who can offer you basic lessons on swimming with the sharks.

Besides these mentioned activities, New Zealand offers you much more. You can go canyoning, ice hiking, sledging or bungy jumping. On the South Island of New Zealand, there sits Queensland which forms the home of Kawarau Bride which is very famous for bungy jumping.