South AmericaSouth America is a beguiling continent made up of 12 countries. Each of these has their unique culture, quirks, landscapes, and history. South America is a continent with something to suit every visitor. Whether you are looking forward to enjoying the best of wildlife, or you want to trek the jungles and climb the vast mountainous terrain or have a peaceful relaxation at the beaches, South America has everything for you.

Are you heading to South America for the first time and you would not want to miss on the best places to visit? If yes, stick to this post we unveil some of the most beautiful places you should not miss.


Las Lajas Sanctuary, Colombia

Found in southern Colombia and near the border with Ecuador, Las Lajas Sanctuary is a place of worship. Pilgrimage here has become one of the major attractions in the entire region. This sanctuary is a place of extreme beauty due to its amazingly detailed construction and astonishing natural surroundings. You can find this sanctuary at the Canyon of Guaitara River. Waterfalls surround the sanctuary with a beautiful Gothic-style basilica which is about 165 feet high.


Tayrona National Park, Colombia

Imagine being in a landscape of 30,000 acres of pristine greenery with hundreds of animal species and other natural attractions. That is what you will get when you visit Tayrona National Park in Colombia. The park is one of the most beautiful places in Colombia. It was turned into a protected park in 1969 and has fascinating archaeological sites that are considered sacred. There are several trail options that are surrounded by stunning landscapes which can be explored on foot and by horseback.


Isla del Sol, Bolivia

It is not by surprise that most travelers who dream of exploring the best of South Africa will want to visit Isla del Sol in Bolivia. This site is easily accessible from the city of Copacabana and covers an area of 5.5 square miles. It is, without a  doubt, one of the largest and most beautiful islands of Titicaca. Around this island, you can find many archeological sites such as Challapampa museum. Apart from these sacred places, the whole island has a breathtaking landscape.


Los Roques, Venezuela

Los Roques in Venezuela is the largest marine park in Latin America. The Archipelago has some of the most sought scenic landscapes that South America can produce. There is a set of 42 islands with about 250 coral reefs totaling to about 54,000 acres, enough area to spend your days exploring every corner of the archipelago.  The landscape features coral reefs that protect the archipelago from strong currents.


Cabo Polonio, Uruguay

The Cabo Polonio peninsula is located about 160 miles from the capital, Montevideo. Visitors consider this place to be a magical one. You can expect to find deserted beaches with huge white dunes that surround the city. You can find lots of sea lions lazing around the coastal islands. One of the things that make Cabo Polonio a great place is due to its small population composed of fishermen, artists, and employees of local lighthouse, meaning that a large number of tourists can be accommodated.