africaAfrica is dubbed as the mother of all continent. This is due to it being the oldest continent to accommodate inhabitants. With its expansive landscapes and formidable wildlife, Africa is one of the ultimate destinations for tourists and photographers. Africa remains the earth’s hidden gem with fascinating lakes, crystal blue lakes and plenty of white sandy beaches. There are jaw-dropping flora and amazing wildlife. The landscapes are spectacular and make a favorite scene for different Hollywood movies.

If you are planning to tour Africa, you are about to make the right choice. Here are the top places you should consider visiting.

A Visit to Botswana

Botswana is one of the best destinations to go. The country which borders Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe has one of the most sought after wilderness destinations in the world. The Okavango delta in Kalahari basin is one place you should not miss. A visit to this country helps you learn about the inhabitants of Southern Africa as you explore various rock paintings.

The Pyramids of Egypt

The ancient Egypt build pyramids as tombs for the pharaohs and their queens. In the ancient Egypt, there are more than eighty pyramids. The three largest and best-preserved ones were built at Giza, at the beginning of the Old Kingdom.

A Visit to Kenya

kenyaKenya is without a doubt, an East African paradise and ideal destination that is filled with abundant wildlife, flora, fauna, mountains, and islands. It is a fantastic and ideal destination for family holidays. A visit to this country helps visitors enjoy the tranquil of Lamu Islands, where you can enjoy endless beaches, rolling dunes, and narrow bustling streets. Malindi and Watamu are breathtaking spots with the best of tropical beaches and relaxing hideaways.

A Visit to Zanzibar

A flight to Dar Es Salaam, to Pemba island, is all you need to rewind and feel good. Zanzibar is filled with abundant and healthy coral reefs, lagoons, mangroves, and fish. It is the perfect spot for the diving fanatics and beach lovers. Islands in Zanzibar portray the idyllic African Village and an ideal holiday destination for a good life.

Unspoiled Treasures of Botswana

Botswana is a shining star when it comes to the best tourist spots in Africa. It is prized as the Jewel of the Kalahari with the Kalahari Delta being an idyllic oasis that has a large botanical and fauna species. As you traverse the country, you will come across wild date palms, acacias, mangroves, lagoons and other flora types. The landscape is amazing, to give you a spectacular view of wildlife.