baliAsia is one the world’s biggest and most populous continent. The continent is enclosed by oceans, seas and strewn with rain forests, cities and diverse landscapes. It the region that houses the highest point of the earth – Mount Everest, as well as the lowest point – Dead Sea. Asia is a top travel spot offering a healthy dose of ancient history, adventure and culture.

Among the best places to visit in Asia include Hanoi, Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Taipei, Bali, Phuket among others. There are evolving cities and sublime isles that bring an exciting experience you should be part of. If you are dreaming of an Asian escape, we have researched about the continent to bring you the most exciting spots that should consider adding in your bucket list. Here we go!

Bali, Indonesia

Among the 17,000 islands in Indonesia, Bali stands out in terms of tourism. Bali comprise of ancient temples, luxury hotels and sandy shores making the city a top attraction. The endless list of fantastic beaches is without a doubt, one of the top reasons you should visit this tropical island in the Indonesian archipelago. Each beach has its charm, with white sands, limestone cliffs and extreme water waters. There is captivating cultural scenes, lively religious scenes and never-ending adventure. Every kind of natural beauty is associated with Bali.

Shanghai, China

shanghaiIf you are planning on visiting Shanghai, you are making the right choice. Shanghai is arguably among the world’s fastest growing cities and as a visitor, you would get fascinated by amazing things you can do or see in this city. First, Shanghai gives you an opportunity to shop until you drop. There are ancient and antique local markets as well as high end designer boutiques. The city gives you plenty of options to dine and wine, as well as amazing night life experience. AS soon as sun goes down, countless lights spangle the sky to welcome a fantastic night life.

Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is an amazing place and the capital city of Taiwan. It is now one of the Asia’s most popular tourist destinations. Taiwan state is in East Asia and is bounded by Japan, China and Philippines. Taipei offers free visa access to more than 45 countries and this makes it earn top destination slot in Asia. It is home to one of the highest structures in the world – Taipei 101. Hiking trails are located close to the city, and this enhances convenience. The city has one of the best-themed restaurants in Asia. Its surrounding environment is simply breathtaking.

Tokyo, Japan

There has never being a better time to visit Tokyo. The city has much more to offer in terms of history, traditions, modern skyscrapers and technology. In terms of food, Japanese foods are served all over the world due to its simplicity, taste and arguably health benefits. Sumo is a Japanese sport gaining popularity in the whole world and once you step in Tokyo, you will get an opportunity to enjoy the sport. There are historic temples and sights, with a lot to learn in terms of culture.