zagrebYou may be able to book a cheap holiday, but nothing compares to the variety of fascinating wealth that Europe offers. Europe is a treasured love of incredible travel experiences. Deciding on where to go in Europe can be a challenging task. Today, we have gone depths in our research to bring to you hotlistof places you should add into your bucket list when deciding to tour Europe.

Let’s go straight away into discussing these places.

Zagreb, Croatia

Travelers considering of visiting Croatia do so because of the delights provided by the country’s extensive coastline. However, its flourishing inland capital should not be overlooked. Zagreb comprises a mixture of Austro-Hungarian squares and Brutalist architecture. There is a lot of street work, new galleries, and creative spaces.

Eiffel Tower

There is nothing more exciting than watching the sun set from the Eiffel tower- It is a magical experience. You can grab a bottle of French wine and some cheese from a local store and set yourself up to the tower for some picnic experience. There is no doubt that Europe produces some of the best travel experiences in the world.

Gotland, Sweden

GotlandGotland is a special and fascinating part of Sweden. It boasts a lot of sunshine and highest density of historical sites in the country. In the UNESCO listed city of Visby, there are more restaurants per capita than any other Sweden city. You can pay sight to some breathtaking scenery from the ancient Baltic island. There are time-warped fishing villages, mysterious forests, and tranquil sand beaches.

Rome, Italy

Rome which seats in Italy offers visitors one of the best tour experiences in Europe. One of the most popular attractions in the Eternal City is the Vatican and Vatican Museums. Many reasons should motivate you to visit Rome. No one does fountains as Rome does. If food matters, the Rome stands way ahead of her competitors. Its proximity to other cities, sites, and beaches make it a perfect destination for a tour. The history, art, and architecture of this city is way above, with the entire city of Rome earning a UNESCO World Heritage.

Galicia, Spain

Ask someone where Galicia is and they would probably lack an answer. Is that a reason to make Galicia less of a city to visit? – the answer is definitely NO. Galicia is a community deeply rooted in history. The city comprise of a mixture of Roman and Celtic ancestry that is apparent wherever you go. Galicia is largely a coastal region with beautiful beaches that offer slightly spottier weather, more wind, colder water and far fewer clouds.

Berlin, German

German has fast established itself as a top choice travel destination in the world and Berlin is no exception. Berlin is home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites. With 180 Museums and memorial sites, thousands of restaurants and three opera houses, what else would you be looking for apart from Berlin? A visit to this city for food, history and culture should be enough reasons to add the city in your bucket list.